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It’s time to get your app discovered by the broad audience! Join SmartyAds CPI full stack solution to release the app’s full potential and multiply your revenue.

SmartyAds CPI solution is an in-house system that enables working with API feeds and offers. It utilizes advanced technology and machine learning to enhance any ad campaign via a CPI advertising model! We have prepared all the tools to help you grow the user base via cost per install advertising. Engage with existing users and reach new ones, build trust and explore new app promotion and monetization opportunities to reach superior results in the app market.

SmartyAds CPI Platform
Key Features

Quick and stable

We make sure that you get access to the best offers without any delays or inconveniences. Set up rewarded video ads with ease and drive unparalleled results. Explore the best ad opportunities with SmartyAds!

Edgy & Convenient

No more messing around with CPI networks management. In SmartyAds self-service platform all is neat and organized in one convenient unified dashboard. Access and monitor the data on all networks in a click, analyze the aggregated reports and get invoices from one single point.

Only non-incent traffic

We are working only with non-incent traffic, acquiring the users that are generally interested in the app. Attract the people who enjoy what you are doing, who care about your app, and who will bring you additional profit. Target the right audience to amplify the results!

Auto API-integrated Antifraud Solution

Get only real users! You don’t have to get a separate antifraud solution - we have integrated Fraudscore to our solution to eliminate bots and any kind of fraud. We make sure that every click behind your app install is a real person.

Machine learning

SmartyAds CPI solution utilizes machine learning and AI to optimize the ad spend and make sure that every dollar multiplies in return. Our sophisticated algorithms will help you to connect the right people at the right time while managing to reach your goals at a lower cost.

Easy API integration

We ensure quick and easy integration via API. Connect with your audience swiftly, get access to premium offers, quickstart your campaigns and streamline your ad performance with SmartyAds cost per install solution

Leverage Your App Marketing and Drive User Engagement

SmartyAds has been delivering the top-notch programmatic technology since 2013. We have utilized our years of experience to make sure, that you get all the benefits of the cost per install advertising model. With SmartyAds CPI Platform we redefine the engagement on mobile, bringing into focus user experience beyond the initial click and install.

Make app monetization simple with SmartyAds CPI Platform

Explore the SmartyAds CPI advertising solution monetization features for app publishers. Our technology provides you with all the means to amplify your ad revenue and get better results in no time.
    All verticals and geos
    Top payouts and best rates
    Scanning offers via Offertest
    Individual approach
    24/7 support
    Only API integration
    Working at scale

Power up your ad performance
with CPI

Join SmartyAds CPI advertising solution to get access to premium supply partners. Enhance your ad campaigns with CPI offers and pay only for the real users, who are downloading your app.
    A huge base of publishers
    Traffic from SmartyAds SSP publishers
    Scanning all traffic for quality and origins
    GAID/IDFA targeting
    Working at scale




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